About Us

House of Light Goods believes in bringing positive change. 

There is a poverty-driven orphan crisis in many countries including Mexico. Sadly, due to unemployment,  imprisonment, gang activity, and other factors,  many of the fathers are absent. This leaves mothers particularly vulnerable as they try to provide basic needs for their children without family support, resources, education or help.  Many of our Moms are forced to leave their small children behind on the streets while they work or search for work. The kids are then forced to do their best to scrounge for food and survive each day. Other times they are locked alone in the house while the mother works very long and exhausting hours. Tragically, these all too common options leave our children vulnerable to predators and traffickers, physical and sexual abuse, exposure to drug use, neglect, hunger, illness, accidents and loneliness. 

House of Light Goods works in partnership with Casa de Luz Children’s Centre in Primo Tapia, Mexico, which provides a safe place for these beautiful children to learn, play, be loved and cared for and thrive. Their Mothers are also able to further their education, start their own businesses through a micro loan program, find suitable employment, begin a journey of healing, and be part of a supportive and encouraging community. 

House of Light Goods provides empowered employment to women. Each scarf is handcrafted by one of CDL’s single mothers, enabling her to provide food, shelter and clothing for her children. All profits go back to Casa de Luz to provide nutritious meals, educational support, family counselling and other resources to impoverished families. This has brought incredible positive change to families who now live lives of wholeness and have new hope for a bright future. 

We have recently added backpacks and blankets to our collection. Although these are not currently made by the Moms of CDL, 100% of the proceeds are going to the ministry of Casa de Luz. New handcrafted items will be added in the next few months, increasing our ability to employ more people.

This past Christmas we were very honoured to be included in two gift-giving guides by Caroline Kee (Buzzfeed) and Sarah Bessey

Below is Ruby's Story. Ruby is our seamstress at HOLG.

Casa de Luz - Ruby's Story 2014 from CasaDeLuz on Vimeo.

For more information on Casa de Luz please visit www.casadeluzmexico.com

Local orders for HOLG can be picked up at The Abbotsford Vineyard Church located at Unit 2-2650 Progressive Way in Abbotsford. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm.